Strength Coach Jobs

Footballscoop’s Strength Scoop has two internships that were posted this past week.  One is from Missouri State University and the other from Eastern Washington University.  Check both of those listings out on the Strength Scoop here.

The University of Nebraska has two coaching positions that you can apply for.  The first is Head Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach which can be found here, and the second is an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach spot working primarily with wrestling.  Apply for that job here.

HigherEdJobs has two new listings this week, both for assistant strength and conditioning coach positions.  The first is at Oklahoma State and can be found here, and the second is at the University of Delaware and can be found here.

University of Miami has an assistant strength coach position posted on their website you can find posted here.  University of Virginia also has an assistant strength coach position on their website you can find here as does  SMU which you can find posted here.

Finally the CSCCa career sections has three new graduate assistantships posted. The first is at Campbell University located in Buies Creek, North Carolina. That listing is posted here. The next is at the University of Montana which can be found here. The last GA spot posted is at the University of Hawaii which actually has two openings. More information on that job can be found here.

Washington Huskies Strength and Conditioning

As we all continue to count down the days until football season check out this video of Washington Strength and Conditioning Coach Ivan Lewis talking about his system and how he prepares the Huskies.  This video is  a little bit old but I still think its a great video to remind us of the work put in during the offseason.

SLU Strength and Conditioning Clinic | Tim Howell – Sports Injuries

Timothy  Howell ED.D., ATC, CSCS – Saint Louis University

Sports Injuries

  • Clinical Thought
    • Identify what something is… by identifying what it is not
    • If something doesn’t look right… it probably is not
  • Communication between injured athlete, coaches, and rehab team is key
  • When rehabbing it is important to have gradual increases in intensity
  • Poor mechanics can cause injury just as well as any instance can
  • Postural deviations may be primary cause of injury
  • Goals of rehab
    • Return earlier, healthier, and better
    • 1. Control inflammation, swelling, and pain
    • 2. Restore range of motion
    • 3. Restore strength
    • 4. Restore neuromuscular function
    • 5. Restore power and endurance
    • 6. Restore function
    • 7. Return to pain free activity
  • Athlete must have complete understanding of the injury
    • How it was sustained
    • Major anatomical structures involved
    • Grade of trauma
    • Stage or phase of healing
  • There is much overlap in the progressions of rehabbing an injury
  • Set SMART goals
    • Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely
    • Set short term goals that lead to the ultimate long term goal of returning to play
  • Have a set return to play criteria
    • Strength
    • Range of motion
    • Proprioception
    • Confidence
    • Sport specific functionality

Saint Louis University | Strength, Power and Speed | Strength and Conditioning Clinic 2011

This past weekend I had the chance to go to the Saint Louis University strength and conditioning clinic. I believe this is the third year they have put this clinic on and it was a great clinic to attend with some awesome presentations.

The speakers that were there were Tim Howell, Athletic Trainer for SLU, Cliff Dooman, Navy Strength and Conditioning Coach , Russ DeRosa, Boston College Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Charland, SLU Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jon TorineIndianapolis Colts Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Rock Gullickson, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Saint Louis Rams.

The topics that were covered and titles of the presentations were Sports Injuries, Exercise Your Options (exercises for injured athletes), The System and Progression to Athletic Development, DB Alternatives to Olympic Movements, Training the Complete Athlete, and Saint Louis Rams Progressions.

This year Eric Schork who was the clinic director and also a strength and conditioning coach at SLU put together a DVD for all the attendees with the all of the speakers slide show presentations.  Anyway, I decided to type up my notes I took as well as some more notes and key points from the slide shows and I will be posting them through out the next few days so stayed tuned for some great information from these great coaches.

Tips For a Successful Strength and Conditioning Program

Ted Perlak, the head strength and conditioning coach at Fordham University, brings us this awesome article from Elite FTS about ten different things to do for a successful strength and conditioning program.  It is an awesome article from Coach Perlak and gives us a look into how he runs his program successfully.  The article, which can be found here, gives us ten simple points to remember when designing and implementing a strength and conditioning program.

Strength Coach TV at Boston University

On this episode Anthony Renna heads to Boston University and talks with head strength and conditioning coach Glenn Harris. Coach Harris talks about the recent renovation of his weight room and a little about how he runs his program. Be sure to check out previous episodes of Strength Coach TV if you already haven’t, as well as the Strength Coach Podcast and Strength and Conditioning Webinars, all brought to you by Anthony Renna.

Strength Coach Jobs

As usual we will begin with Football Scoop’s Strength Scoop which has listings for internships at Louisville and Stanford.  Check those out as well as any older job listings from Strength Scoop here.

The NCAA Market has a post for a graduate assistant position at Western Illinois which can be found here.  Illinois State also has a listing for a graduate assistant position posted here. Also UCLA has an open position for an Assistant Athletic Performance Coach working primarily with Men’s Basketball which you can find here.  Last position posted this week is an assistant spot at West Virginia working primarily with Women’s Basketball and Women’s Tennis which can be found here.